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Miles Davis The Blues

miles Davis The Blues

and Ann Baker in 1946 but the backup group is of great interest for it includes trumpeter Miles Davis and tenor-saxophonist Gene Ammons. I've Always Got The Blues (Take 2) 3:11. After listening to these nine songs I see that blues can be at any tempo at all, and can also create moods other than sadness. Through the first five or so minutes of the tune, Davis enjoys a solo. The 1996 album entitled, Bluing: Miles Davis Plays the Blues, the engineers at Prestige Records bring Miles Davis back to life. Before listening to this album I had the idea in my mind that all blues was slow in tempo and portrayed a mood of depression or sadness. Exact Audio Copy.3 from. Miles Davis - Boppin' The Blues (2000) (Remastered). Prestige Records did a great job of choosing nine of Davis? Stirring of a brush on his snare. I was surprised to find that I liked the faster songs on the album because in the past, though I have been involved in playing music for many years, I?ve always enjoyed the slower songs.

Bluing, I would recommend it to anyone wanting to hear some really good jazz. AllMusic Review by Scott Yanow, track List:. Quinn xcii, Daniel Wilson - Winnebago. On piano, Tommy Porter on bass, and Art Blakey playing the drums. Don't Sing Me The Blues (Take 1) 2:56. Blues tunes to compile onto one disk. Bass Tommy Potter, drums Art Blakey, guitar Connie Wainwright. Miles Davis, from his beginnings as a nineteen-year-old kid in 1945 New York City, to his final days in the early 1990?s, is to be considers one of the jazz? These tunes were recorded on October 18, 1946 for independent producer Eddie Laguna. Don't Explain To Me Baby (Take 2) 2:54. Tenor solo and then again for the last minute or so of the song, Davis and the rest of the group pick up the pace and begin double-timing. Miles Davis - Boppin' The Blues (2000).

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