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Book Review on Charles Dickens Great Expectations

book Review on Charles Dickens Great Expectations

Twist. The beautiful homes and settings, such as Wemmick's house, provide a sense of serenity during Pip's fast and ever-changing life. It looks great on the shelf, especially next to those other leather-bound classics, if you have any. I have yet to relate to any character in any book more than opposing the Atomic Bomb I do to Pip. Like all of the author's work, the story is a fast-paced adventure with a compelling hero. It captures the detailed sense of human nature through whimsical characters. In conclusion, this book has changed my life. It let me see the joy one can get when they focus on the goodness in the world. He also, like most people, believes that happiness is attained through riches and wealth.

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Review of one of, charles, dickens masterpiece novel based on a predicaments of a child and how things change in his.
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of his books after The Pickwick Papers, Charles, dickens great, expectations was written to educate and enlighten, as well as entertain.
characters of the book, Great Expectations by Charles Dickens is a book well deserving of its place as a classic in literature.

His chasing after something unattarsonal feelings. The positive characters that he meets on his journey to adulthood prove this wrong by supporting Pip and being generous to him through their own troubles. Although many of the characters in this story are stereotypes, this makes them no less effective in telling the story. . The adult characters include Magwitch, the terrifying escaped criminal who sets Pip's adventures in motion, the insane Miss Havisham, the greedy Pumblechook, and the complex and contradictory Wemmick - in other words, a credible cross-section of adult personalities. Though I am young, this book opened my eyes and led me to be more aware of human nature than most adults are. It it relatable and will tap you into a series of emotions that you have never experienced before. Charles Dickens is universally regarded as one of the greatest novelists who ever wrote in the English language, if not any language, and. The characters and plot will enthrall you and transport you into the story. 3 stars, this leather-bound Dickens collection is a must-have for any Dickens fan and any fan of Victorian England.

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