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Why Does PR Have Image Management Problem

why Does PR Have Image Management Problem

the marketing industry will tell you their job scope is rapidly changing and PR is no exception. Its not just me telling the agency what. But many PR people have got away with hoodwinking clients with peculiar algorithms that link the size of an editorial article on the page with the cost that it would have taken to secure an advert of the same dimensions. The inaugural PR National Awareness Day reportedly hopes to improve the reputation of an industry that earns its corn trying to improve reputations.

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This lecture will cover the problems which a PR practitioner has to face in the course of his performance.
Why is this concern to the organization its public?

The client gets a feeling that once he has the services of a PR agency, theres a magic wand that will transform his companys image the minute he signs up a retainer agreement! Clients need to trust the agencies. But it was the dawn of the consumer age and the birth of mass media which put decision-making in the hands of the majority. The industry's image problem will fix itself because the writing is on the wall for the traditional consumer-focused public relations model. If at all there is a problem that has come to hit the PR industry, its just one problem that of people, professional and organisations in this space over-promising to clients!

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