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the Russian Intelligentsia

career as a writer living off his pen. Freud interpreted Dostoyevskys epilepsy as psychological in origin, but his account has been vitiated by research showing that his analysis was based on misinformation. A new Gogol has appeared! Dostoyevsky is usually regarded as one of the finest novelists who ever lived. Raskolnikovs friend Razumikhin voices the authors distaste for an ideological approach to life; Razumikhins own life exemplifies how one can solve problems neither by grand ideas nor by dramatic gambles but by slow, steady, hard work. The last consonant in the cluster determines whether the entire cluster is voiced or voiceless.

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Here are some of them: balalaika Russian name for a triangular-shaped stringed instrument borsch vegetable and beet soup cosmonaut anglicization of Russian kosmonavt dacha country or vacation home glasnost policy of openness, from glas voice gulag an acronym that means state forced labor camp duma. At the time, Dostoyevsky was a student in the Academy of Military Engineering. As Dostoyevsky and his hero Myshkin experience it, the moment just before an attack grants the sufferer a strong sensation of perfect harmony and of overcoming time. The detective Porfiry Petrovich, who guesses Raskolnikovs guilt but cannot prove it, plays psychological games with him until the murderer at last confesses. Two features that typically distinguish the Northern from Southern dialects are given in the table below. By killing himself without reason, Kirillov hopes to become the man-god and so provide an example for human freedom in a world that has denied Christ (the God-man). The mock execution led Dostoyevsky to appreciate the very process of life as an incomparable gift and, in contrast to the prevailing determinist and materialist thinking of the intelligentsia, to value freedom, integrity, and individual responsibility all the more strongly. In the next few years Dostoyevsky published a number of stories, including Belyye nochi (White Nights which depicts the mentality of a dreamer, and a novella, Dvoynik (1846; The Double a study in schizophrenia.

During the Soviet period, though each of the republics had its own official language, Russian enjoyed a superior status. The mock-execution ceremony was in fact part of the punishment.

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