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Sewage - Misplaced Resources

sewage - Misplaced Resources

generate Co2 emissions. . We have the right technology. The present disposal of contaminated biosolids to land fill is a strongly debated and contentious issue. LysoTherm is our system for thermal disintegration of sewage sludge. Experts categorise the recovery of plant-available phosphate in particular as profitable (for more information, see. Manage your sludge streams optimally. Additional resources (exit lgean State Regulations Resource Locator. Sewage Treatment, under, clean Water Act (CAA) regulations, local governments are responsible for designing, planning, constructing, financing, operating and maintaining wastewater treatment facilities, and the conveyance systems, known as publicly owned treatment works (potws). The special design is suitable also for small sewage treatment plants (.000 PE). It is not only possible to improve significantly the energy balance of wastewater treatment plants; the goal of energy self-sufficiency is within reach.

Study of Human Resources

LysoGest uses the separate digestion of primary and surplus activated sludge. It enables us to achieve three objectives: The reduction of the amount of sludge, its use as an energy resource and as a source of phosphorus. Provides a summary of regulatory issues and links to numerous useful websites and documents. Eliquo stulz is the partner for the LysoGest process. Solutions - Nutrient Recovery ). Disposing of sludge is one of the highest expenses of a treatment plant. The process also provides carbon credit opportunities.

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