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Sylvia Plath - a personal response

sylvia Plath - a personal response

that this poem is both deeply personal, disturbing and intense. In the second stanza, the mirror becomes a lake. As they stand around blankly, unaware as to what to do it is interesting to see how they will adapt to the unfamiliar. And this is the distinction of her language, that every word is Baraka: the flame and the rose folded together. Plath compares life to a zoo. This simile is in reference to the conception of the child, comparing the sound of the babies heartbeat whilst in the mother's womb to the sound of a a watch while also illustrating that the child to a valuable heirloom. Other readers may find much that is fascinating and repellent in equal measure. Materer felt that Hughess control over Plaths papersa right he exercised only because their divorce had not become finalcaused difficulties for both critics and biographers. The arrival of new life is juxtaposed with fear and effectively, the unknown.

Critics and scholars have continued to write about Plath, and her relationship with Hughes; a reviewer for the National Post reported that in 2000, there were 104 books in print about Plath. According to Janet Malcolm in the New Yorker, The publication of Letters Home had a different effect from the one Mrs. In many instances, it is nature who personifies her. Hughes once summarized Plaths unique personality and talent: Her poetry escapes ordinary analysis in the way clairvoyance and mediumship do: her psychic gifts, at almost any time, were strong enough to make her frequently wish to be rid of them. This poem is deeply confessional and portrays Plaths life in a bleak manner.

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She feels her child deserves the best; that she deserves to be happy and in awe of the zoo of the new. She saw her world in the flame of the ultimate substance and the ultimate depth. The childs innocence is captured evocatively, it is unaware of the troublous times to come. Donoghue, for one, stated, I cant recall feeling, in 1963, that Plaths death proved her life authentic or indeed that proof was required. Timothy Materer wrote in the, dictionary of Literary Biography, The critical reactions to both, the Bell Jar and. She is pleading with the man again, admiring the bird and stating that it belongs here, that they trespass stupidly. Letters Home, a collection of Plaths correspondence between 19, reveals that the source of her inner turmoil was perhaps more accurately linked to her relationship with her mother. Hardly known outside poetry circles during her lifetime, Plath became in death more than she might have imagined.

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