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Victims of Progress

victims of Progress

with forgotten name. And its worth nothing All that promised fame, You dont need that shit, On you are bestowed. You're sick, scream, scream, scream loud, loud, nobody will hear you, you remember the paradise you lived in you can't resist no more you are the mercy of disaster. When you close your eyes, just a question I wanna ask you. Are those behind this in the same shit as you? You are the chosen But who chose you? Fire of your anger makes way through the ground, Artificial tears cannot put it out, But the deal is done there is no way out, You closed your eyes all the lights went down. That the human mind invented you don't have power to scream when your mind is dead and gone youre another vctim of progress, what happened? What was made, was destroyed, the world became slow and dumb when you woke up, it was over.

victims of Progress

A newer edition of this book is available at the following web address: https: m/isbn/.
Victims of, progress provides a global.
Victims of, progress, now in its sixth edition, offers a compelling account of how technology and development affect indigenous peoples throughout the.

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The clouds close throwing their rays over the sea of blood, the stars dissapear and in ther places mountains of ice appear, i only see the light of your eyes. Scream, scream, scream loud, loud, believe me, man, scream, scream, scream loud, loud, nobody will hear you, the darkness stays intact insensitive to your plea you one your future to progress. They feel so sure bout what they are saying, But actually they dont give a damn, And they will go on as long as you pay With your life for the deeds of them. Your kids are crying Their dads not coming home. Victims of, progress (Raise Your Flag). Brain Stimulation Music Collective, progress. Victims of, progress - The Padaung. The Padaung, or, "The Long Neck Hill Tribe". The Peoples of the World Foundation.

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