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The Sister of an Addict

the Sister of an Addict

my sister had been acting strangely, but I had no idea what she was. A week later my sister dropped my nephew off at my house. This is such a difficult time that you're facing. Eventually there was an incident that I couldnt protect her from my mothers anger. She had our mother all to herself for the first 8 years of her life. They held Christian based recovery meetings in their home on Wednesdays and they were going to church.

The first step to help your addicted sister is making sure she is ready to accept your help. If you have a sibling who is addicted to alcohol or drugs then this is likely to h ave had a significant impact on your life. Living through a sibling s addiction can be devastating. Peopl e are often closer to (and more competitive with) their siblings than any other. Having a sibling with addiction is one of the most heart-rendering things you can go through.

We arranged for weekly visits and she started renting a room with a friend. She stopped answering her phone, she wouldnt let me see my nephew and I was so worried for him. And then they started getting arrested again, one for violating parole, the other for possession. The entire thing was a waste of time and emotion, I was crushed to have to speak so publicly bad of my sister, but I had to protect the innocent six year old who needed a stable upbringing. North Dakota and it was just my boyfriend and I in the house. Over the next few months my sister started working again, she was determined to stay clean and try to find recovery on her own. I was playing in the pool with the kids while she laid on a pool chair drinking vodka straight from a water bottle. The final straw came when my sister had run off with a friend during the holidays.

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