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sonic performance, the X34 isnt partial to specific genres of music; from country to classical, its equally satisfying. Exhibit one: the Dynaudio Excite X34 loudspeaker. Its not a speaker to shy away from an explosive big band recording like. Theres an energy here, a feeling of immediacy that they touched on with. Alkaline Trio fix, Id go back to, crimson or something before. Every Friday well randomly draw a winning text for a generous 50 gift certificate compliments of the shops at: Select image below to see video of Mercado (Market) in the Making! The X34 is now a true 8-ohm impedance loudspeaker compared to the 4 ohms of its predecessor. Bass port tuning has been updated, and thanks to a more amplifier-friendly crossover the X34 draws less current from the amp. One text per person!

Anchored by a surprising allotment of low-frequency energy and dynamic punch, the Excite X34 more than lives up to its name, achieving levels of performance that in the proper setting suggest many of the best virtues of a good.5-way like the Sonus faber Venere. Hell, theres always the chance this leaks while Im typing this. I cant predict with certainty that this is going to be an album I come back to in the future, but theres something about it that hits me just right and gives me that feeling.

Ive liked the stuff that followed, but it never really captured that same magic as their earlier work. I would find myself listening to them for a few weeks (with the exception. First impressions are meant to be quick, fun, initial impressions on an album or release as I listen to it for the first time. At a mere 36 inches tall, its silhouette is on the shorter end of the scale for a floorstander. In tonal balance, the X34 is reasonably neutral with the exception of some upper treble shading, and a hint of mid/upper bass ripeness. If theres anything that gets my back up its the lament that all the sexiness and excitement in audio resides at the extreme high end of the market. Then everyone can join in with. Heavy brass has a way of making cowards of smaller compacts, but the X34 pretty much has an answer for every fusillade. Text 888-751-bear (2327 tEXT 888-751-bear (2327 tEXT 888-751-bear (2327). You deserve a shopping dining trip to beautiful downtown irish Immigrants in 19th Century Canada Charlevoix, Michigan!

Stability has also been enhanced with the addition of die-cast aluminum outrigger feet fitted with integrated damping rings and adjustable spikes. The sound signature is outgoing, with a forward lean and a positively energetic temperament. Kicking OFF THE weekend sponsor: Iron Fish Distillery in Thompsonville: Inspired by upstream journeys of the steelhead, Michigans first farm-based distillery, returning spirit to its origin. Yes, the basic bones are the same. Dynaudio has also addressed the X34s directivitythe way in which it disperses sound off-axis. It remains a slim two-way floorstander with crisp, clean understated lines, identical dimensions, and a very small footprint. More like a diary of thoughts.

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