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Racial Diversities

racial Diversities

help Singaporeans better accept the fluidity of categories. Clearly, however, theres been a profound shift in district leaders educational philosophy. Many people saw that past discrimination has left many Indigenous people in a disadvantaged position, for example through limited access to education and consequent lower educational achievement rates and higher unemployment. One participant succinctly put the case: "People who don't have electricity don't have computers". Many people considered that this historical dimension must be recognised to ensure real equality for Indigenous people. EHS students describe a culture of intimidation at the school for students with nonconforming views. She floods the schools K-5 teachers with equity-related resources, like a video featuring a black slam poet denouncing police brutality. Enshrining human rights in a Bill of Rights or the Constitution. The issue of constitutional amendment was also raised with particular reference to what were perceived as racially discriminating clauses such as section 51(xxvi) of the Constitution which provides power to make special laws for the people of a particular race (including for a negative. Participants were of the view that the best contribution Australia could make to international efforts to combat racism would be to establish itself as a model of best practice in applying international laws at a domestic level. It was noted that this would require close cooperation among governments at an international level, given the borderless nature of internet material and its dissemination.

Such a program must be based on adequate consultation with hreoc, non-government organisations and civil society in its design and delivery and be adequately resourced on a recurrent basis. While economic conditions are not the only or inevitable causes of racism, it was noted that we need to provide everyone with economic security in order to reduce the incidence of racism.

How Racial Situation Has Changed,

The Federal Minister for Communications require the development of a media code of conduct which includes effective monitoring mechanisms which: i positively promote cultural diversity; and ii include community representatives and effective and transparent complaint mechanisms and enforcement provisions. A number of proposals sought national government actions similar to censorship or anti-gambling laws to ban racist material from the internet. "Go home to your country!" As one participant observed, "Some of us don't have a country to." Canberra consultation, ACT - Fear and lack of understanding are also present among, and between, culturally and linguistically diverse communities. All levels of government work towards the creation of strategic partnerships with the private sector, non-government organisations and community representatives to develop practical human rights and anti-racism programs and to encourage and facilitate the development of anti-racism and human rights best practice by the private. To facilitate debate about these issues participants were invited to identify how adequate they considered laws dealing with racism in Australia to be, as well as to suggest how these laws might be improved and what focus they might take (eg should they aim more. Under this model the onus is on individuals or groups to take the initiative to prove that discrimination has taken place.

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