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Some People Enjoy Change

some People Enjoy Change

having this attitude. In my opinion, people behave based on their thoughts. No wonder, people don't see the subjects the same as each other. These days, I enjoy following a routine. Which approach do you prefer? These viewpoints depend on the persons and their knowledge and experiences which absolutely form their characters, habits, and attitudes of individuals.

Compare these two approaches to life. So, if they think that the various events and condition can be paved their way for making more money, living better, or feeling pleased, they demand all unwarned and unpredictable things.

In addition, I can view or judge from another angle. I would do the same things every day. They even make attempt that reduce that possibility of facing with unusual things. In conclusion, my preferences have changed with the circumstances of my life. . For instance, my old sister like me is a kind of persons who are really brave enough to deal with any problems. If I try something new, however, it is possible to get many more jobs, to be richer, to be more successful than others. Therefore, I would rather have new experiences and make my life more alluring.

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It can be safe to say that this kind of thinking might cause that people reach huge success or properties. In my opinion, these kind of thoughts related directly to the person's way of thinking which is the origin of her or his manners. I would travel, go away with respect of Words friends at a moment's notice, and make decisions from day to day. The stability of a household routine is better for me now, even though I preferred the excitement and adventure of change when I was young. Now, my family's needs force me to have a routine. That is why, I prefer to change, and I look forward to new experiences. I will state some reasons as to why I prefer to change who I have been up until this point. I got various opinions from them. In this way, I could have lots of new experiences, meet new and interesting people, and learn a lot about life. Firstly, I want to try something new. Their lives are happier if I don't upset their schedules too much. In addition, our friends know when we are free, which makes visiting easier.

Some people enjoy change, and they look forward to new experiences. I think the people you spend your time with often dictate your lifestyle. Other people want to be in a same situation, without any change. In contrast, if people have negative experiences of the hard and odd situation, they certainly want to stay in a same space. Others like their lives to stay the same, and they do not change their usual habits. They might be more conservative and frightened their future lives. As a matter of fact, they feel worry and uneasy when they know that they are going to another position and situation. Luyn tp qua cc bi mu ielts writing task 2 cng trung tm luyn thi ielts, egroup!

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